David Kim
Level 1

Beginner Awakening

David Kim
David Kim
28 min
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This basic sequence takes you through the key postures that you’ll encounter in a public class. If you don’t have a blanket, use a towel. If you don’t have a block, use a thick book. If you don’t have a strap, use a belt. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap


Pearl S.


Thank you, David. After over a year of not having practiced yoga, this was a nice and gentle way to return 🙏🏼

Prativa K.


Nice! Thank you!

Danielle C.


This should be the first video for beginners challenges. A very basic and brief overview of some foundation poses to build on.

Ashley R.


Very very basic and easy class. Good if you've never done yoga before. If you have, this may be a bit too elementary. I feel this should have been the first video of the journey series.

Angela G.


After several months break from yoga this class was a superb reintroduction. I will be using it again to help keep my focus.

Donna B.


this was a great class after being on my feet for 10 hours!
David does a fantastic job of explaining the pose so I can follow along. Thank you David.

Donna Byrnes

Mai T.


Good class!

Brian E.


Really fantastic descriptions. Easy to follow while doing the poses.

Nichole B.


I practiced yoga years ago, but left it for a bit. This class is a great re-introduction to get your mind and body ready again. Or, could equally be great for an absolute beginner. Clear and simple.

Sharifa S.


Great descriptions, I love your class


Jemima D.


This was great.



Thanks David! Finally a beginner routine I can actually follow.


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