Melanie Lora Meltzer
Level 1

Gentle Breath and Move

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This beginner yoga sequence moves slowly and emphasizes breath. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Amanda J.


Thank you for an awesome, simple, focused class! Perfect for this morning! :)

Gene K.


I have an ankle injury and was able to
Modify this simple, but great practice to help alleviate back pain from walking differently!! Fantastic teacher!!

Leslie K.


This is the perfect class if you are looking to stretch your whole body with focus on your breath. I loved the pace, it was not too slow. It was the perfect class for my "gentle" movement day

Traci D.


My muscles and joints are very stiff in the morning, and I'm always looking for a Level 1 practice I can do first thing. Most "morning" classes are too much, too soon for me. This one is just perfect for me. Highly recommend this class -- and all of Melanie's classes -- for her gentle, encouraging tone and providing lots of helpful modifications for us Level 1 students.

Marta M.


Great after a stressful day.

Jennifer S.


I logged on after a tough days work looking for a gentle practice that focused on breath. I feel so much better now. Thank you

Hillary M.


Exactly what I needed today. Back was hurting and didn't want to do power moves. Thank you, Melanie.

Vanessa F.


This was such a great gently paced, breath focused practice. Will be doing this practice a lot! Thank you!

Ryan T.


Lovely :-)

Melissa H.


Well rounded, slow paced. Perfect for a day when youre feeling out of sorts or needed to stretch and breathe. I like this instructor a lot, she has a lovely voice. She also differentiates for L1 & 2.


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