Patti Quintero
Level 3

Open Those Hips

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An advanced class focusing on hip openers that leads to flying pigeon. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Eva K.


this practice was good - but if you're looking for more of a hip opener - I would look to Calvin's classes. This only has minimal hip opening, the title of this practice should be something else.

Sara C.


One of my favorite practices with Patti. Very well-rounded, no part of the body is left out, and the hip work is so satisfying. Sophisticated, challenging, and deep practice that makes for a delicious savanna.

Sarah C.


Very challenging. An insane amount of this practice is on your wrists. Literally 50% at least is in either down dog, plank, or side plank. I had to stop the class and didn't finish it because it was too much pressure on my wrists. If you have sensitive wrists, I would pass on this class.

Dena K.


Wonderful workout. Terrific explanations. Not necessary to be able to do flying pigeon to enjoy this challenging practice.

randi h.


This class was really challenging at times, some long holds, but great hip opening and left me feeling so zen! Thank you Patti!

Lauren G.


Awesome Class !! Patti's voice totally got my breath in check, its soooothing !!!

Sara K.


I don't know why this class doesn't have more likes! I LOVE it! So well-rounded and leaves me feeling worked and relaxed.

Bethany N.


Got closer to flying pigeon than ever before. Regardless of that, it was a challenging and centering practice.

Adam L.


what a well rounded class. Just what the yogi doctor ordered. push me to the limit. A great opening class

Alexandra P.


This was a very challenging class but in every difficult pose i was able to find the strength in the moment and my breath to see it through and find stillness. Also really great lead up to flying pigeon, which I am just starting to achieve and is very exciting. Sometimes I get a headache after full wheel but I did not in this sequence which makes me feel like it was a truly well balanced class. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Meaghan Q.


This was definitely an exercise for the ego! Difficult but effective class - hip openers and core work included. Really enjoyed her teaching voice and style.

Laura M.


This is tough one for me, but it was fun to practice flying pigeon. I really like Pattis voice, its very soothing!


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