Patti Quintero
Level 2

Prenatal Feel Good Flow

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Move your body and feel replenished, strong and connected to your body and your baby in this feel good flow. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 bolster


Cailin M.


This is my favorite class for when I’m tired and don’t want to move too much but want to do something. It is truly feel-good!

Sally R.


Amazing class, thank you Patti. 33.5 weeks pregnant. Strong, opening, centering.

Sydni A.


11 weeks, and I'm just starting to feel awake and well again. This was a great reentry into full length, challenging practice, after six weeks of taking it really slowly.

Margaret M.


I hadn't moved much after a long week at work and this is just what I needed. Felt great after this class! (34 weeks, for reference)

stephanie b.


A perfect mix of strengthening and dynamic movement, so well suited for the needs of pregnant bodies. Thanks so much to Patti for helping our tired, awkward bodies feel vital and capable again.

Heather L.


Since my local YogaWorks studios don’t offer prenatal classes, Patti’s classes have been a very helpful addition to my normal in studio routine. I have learned when and where to modify and what to just skip completely. Thank you Patti. :)

Courtney K.


I completed Patti's yoga classes throughout my first pregnancy. Just signed back up for MyYogaWorks and oh so happy I did. A beautiful flow that is a wonderful balance of energy and grounding. Look forward to traveling through my second pregnacy
with Patti :)

Margaret D.


I was expecting this to be more of a relaxing flow based on the title & description, but there are a lot of strengthening sections that I struggled to get through at 39+ weeks pregnant...Definitely need blocks if your belly is starting to get in the way during warriors, etc.

Danee S.


Perfect combination of strength and relaxation.

Marcie A.


Great class! This sequence incorporated a little bit of everything I needed and was looking for this evening, sun salutes, squats, standing postures, hip openers and meditation at the end. I'm 22 weeks and really enjoyed it.

Catherine B.


I'm 38 weeks pregnant and starting to feel a bit antsy. This practice really helped grounding myself and finding peace. Thank you!


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