Holly Jean Cosner
Level 3

Strappy Stomach Series

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Amp up the Pilates stomach series (or series of 5) with a yoga strap and a little extra movement. If you don’t have a yoga strap, you can use a bathrobe tie or belt. Recommended props: 1 strap


T A.


this is level 5.

Lillian K.


Great, strong sequence for the morning. I get confused with the breath/poses every time, but still come back for more!

Charlene L.


Awesome ab workout! Love Holly's instruction. Very effective sequencing in a short period of time.

Nick F.


So good
My abs are so sore
Holly is my favorite instructor

Jill T.


I will be doing this with my Pilates class tomorrow. I love it! Intense & effective!

David V.


Great for core muscle

Petra T.


Holly Jean Cosner is the best pilates intructor ever!! I have tried a lot of core videos on YW and this is easily on of the toughest and best. You will feel it!. More videos from her please!! Also recommend her glute video which will kick your butt, literally.

Tamara G.


Wow, more Holly Jean Cosner videos! She knows how to help you work a muscle group in a short period of time. I love it. Very challenging.


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