Alexandria Crow
Level 2

Well Rounded Flow

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This is a well rounded intermediate yoga class that leads to a satisfying savasana.


Betty K.


Such a challenging class! Great sequences and a great workout. I will definitely come back again.

Susanne E.


Way too much talking & instruction for a level 2 class.

Eda E.


Love your ques and body awareness coaching! Namaste :-)

Ericka N.


This was peaceful and slow, good for late in the day when you're tired, but it really didn't seem like a level 2.

Elizabeth W.


This class was great for revisiting alignment and would maybe be good as a wind down class before bed. I like Alexandria’s voice and instruction but after 51 minutes I was hoping to be way more sweaty and would have liked more flow. Thanks Alex :,)

Jody W.


I really enjoyed the beginning and end of the practice. The middle was a little slow and too much instruction for level 2. Could have had more flow in the middle part. Alex is a great instructor though.

Martina C.


Thank you Alex!

Heather C.


I love the pace of this class and the well-rounded flow. The cueing is excellent, as always. Namaste.

juliana f.


This was exactly what I was hoping for. I feel all stretched out, strengthened, and pranafied. A great well rounded class. I love the personality Alex brings to her classes, as well as her expertise.

Vince A.


Alex has such a profound understanding of biomechanics applied to yoga delivered with the depth of a former gymnast and a gentle, calm style that adds much to the experience. My comment applies to all her videos. As stated by others above, the direction is precise and leaves me with the sense I am doing poses correctly for the first time. Thanks Alex!

carrie k.


Thanks for a great class. This was very invigorating yet relaxing. Namaste!

Julia T.


Definitely a well rounded flow. Broke a sweat and now Im energized and ready to go on a run!

catherine p.


Alex has great pointers and will make you understand exactly what you need to do with your body to make each pose feel as good as it can in that specific moment. Great class and hard work!


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