Anna Zorzou
Level 1

Wheel Your Backbends

Anna Zorzou
Anna Zorzou
4 min
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Learn how to use your pelvic wheel and thoracic wheel to get the most out of your backbends.


Spyros K.


thank u!

Yianna A.


Very nice explained the tips for wheel the backbendings! Thank you Anna!

Athens T.


The easiest mistakes to make in backbends
without known the necessary actions of the wheels!
Very very helpful and descriptive article Anna. Thank you a lot.

Vanessa M.


Thank you Anna for explaining the wheels in action and great to see the visual ....this helps a lot

Karolina A.


Very enlightening video on counter actions towards in order to relieve pressure and pain in the lower back...helped me a lot with my backbends! Thank you Anna


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